Hello, and welcome to my (new) Substack!

If you’re new here, hello! If you’re a preexisting subscriber, you will have been imported here from Mailerlite (for the second and last time.) I’ll explain a llittle more about that in a (re)introduction email that I’ll send on this platform.

Anyhow —

If you’re new to this Substack and don’t know who I am: my name is Kody Boye. I’m (primarily) a young adult horror, fantasy, and science-fiction writer, currently living in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. You may know me from works such as The Beautiful Ones, The Red Wolf Saga, or my When They Came trilogy. My stories tend to revolve around young people attempting to survive harrowing circumstances, or adapt to worlds and experiences they never thought they’d exist in.

With that said: I will be posting here on Substack every so often, aiming for about once a month, if not more, depending on what’s going on. If you’re opted in to receive emails, you’ll get them as you would any other newsletter service. You’re also free to create a free Substack account and get my emails through the app as well. I aim not to overwhelm people with message blasts, so I only send out the most important information!

Thank you for your time (and your willingness to put up with me.) I greatly appreciate it!

—Kody Boye

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Young adult horror, fantasy, and science-fiction writer.